Driver Intelligence Database

Whitelist of qualified truck drivers


  • Registration
  • Membership administration
  • Replacement card

DiDb efficiency

  • Instead of local blacklists a common database shared by the logistics participants

  • Whitelist that reduces the risks and losses connected to human factor

  • Efficient information sharing about the performance of the drivers monitored and evaluated by the users

  • Web based application that assures instant access to the database of screened drivers.

DiDb guarantees

  • Impartiality

    The background check and the monitoring of the drivers’ performance is assured by an independent third party, SECTRAN.

  • Zero tolerance

    The driver is irrevocably banned from the system in case of an incident due to his intentional or negligent behaviour.

  • Prevention

    Losses in ground transportation can be reduced significantly by entrusting qualified drivers from the whitelist.

  • Legitimacy

    All data controlling procedures are in conformity with the effective legal rules and certified by the authority.

DiDb implementation

  • Driver registration

    Recording personal data and documents needed for the background check, filling in the application forms, taking photo, submission of CR, issue of DiDb card.

  • Background check

    The driver’s membership becomes approved only in the case when the requirements of the registration had been fulfilled and also the background check was complied.

  • Transport start

    The driver gets the cargo only with valid and approved membership that becomes apparent by the DiDb card check at the client’s site.

  • Feedback

    User gives rating and qualification of the driver’s performance, therefore creating the common value of the shared database.

DiDb users

Core of DiDb system

  • Driver Intelligence Database is a preventive logistics security system, which focuses on the key players of ground transportation, the truck drivers, so it can reduce the risk of losses related to the human factor.

    The core of the system is a shared and online, international whitelist controls the personal data of the drivers in compliance with the effective data protection law. Those, who completed the strict registration procedure successfully, are let into the database that provides a unique platform where the drivers’ performance can be checked by the shared intelligence of the community. By this method, DIDb users are able to reduce the chance of cargo loss and gain the opportunity to avoid the continuous, impending risk of organised cargo crime.

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DiDb results

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Our awards

  • Excellence Award on Translog CEE Logistics & SCM congress, 2015

  • Certified data protection audit by NAIH, 2013

  • TAPA membership since 2010